Stand Up For Your Right

I am not going to let the tiger eat me anymore,
I refuse to be a victim of his savage roar.
I will stand up and fight for my own right,
No longer will I cower in fear, taking flight.

For too long I've been a sheep in his eyes,
But now I am awake, I see through his lies.
I'm not preaching hate, just standing my ground,
No longer will I let him push me around.

I will live with courage and strength in my heart,
No longer will I be torn apart.
I will rise above his intimidating power,
And prove that I am more than just a cowering flower.

So no, I am not preaching hate, just taking a stand,
I refuse to be a victim, controlled by his hand.
I will not let the tiger eat me anymore,
I am a strong, courageous sheep, forevermore.

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