I sat on my knees and picked the food from your floor
Lord how I wish I had more
the food from the crevices of your teeth
has fallen in the crevices of my hands and these hands are gonna feed
when i stand I almost fall back on my feet, my knees
,I take out the trash and then afterwards i go to my home, the forest
tonight I go to get on my feet, my knees
and I pray to a man , a great being
yet sometimes it hurts to pray, because the sticks poke
into my knees,
my feet
this pain is barable
my head fixed towards the horizon of the tree, my hair
leaned to the
side to give my eyes room, sweat trickled down the nostrils
of the wind instrument and came to the tip of
my lip before
I licked it
I tasted an ocean but it went through my vains like a sea
until the master of the air blew back through the wind
instrument and
it came back detected by the sense of the instrument
no longer did it smell like a sea when I exhaled
an ocean was what i smelled
after i heard what the great being had to say to me
I didn't return to my knees
my feet

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