Standing at the Bus Stop

Walking to the bus stop
And watching it skip my stop

Fuck that bus driver, whats the bus number?
7418? Or was it 7424? I’ll get it tomorrow
Standing at the bus stop

On hot days, cold days and rainy days
Or windy days
With a jacket, without a jacket
Two earbuds in two ears
With the volume too high.

Time moves slower when you’re waiting
For the next bus

Car after car after car
A school bus filled with tomorrow’s apathy
An assortment of trucks and SUVs
And civil servant mobiles
apathetic to me

An assortment of Dr. Zeuss cars
Red ones Blue ones White ones
Dirty ones Dented ones
Some with loud music
and others with the windows rolled up

An Asian driver
another Asian
another Asian
I live right next to Chinatown

Here comes my bus
Muthafucker better stop

It stops
It’s packed

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