Please Tell me Mr Lee what you think of the world today.
Sitting here on my horse I can see the church on my left,
Some beautiful green grass, homes, and businesses. Looks
Quite nice. Looks like people are happy, safe, well fed
And not in any immediate danger.
What about all the problems in the world today? The riots
Here last summer. Can’t see any problems from here.
Riots here? I must have been asleep. I thank God for hiding
That from me. Sometimes the darkness overcomes me by sleep.
What do you think about the 20th century, terrorists,
Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Capone, violent extremists?
All gangsters. Selfish thieves thriving on Machiaveliaism.
Why did you fight for Virginia? When my state voted to go
To Mexico, I went. When they made a treaty with the
Confederacy and seceded, I went. These are my people.
My government. With the extreme South seceding, we
Should not have risked anarchy in Virginia. I stayed
To prevent anarchy and try to keep my people safe.
I never burned a town like Jacob Early. I never robbed my
People like Judah P Benjamin did the South. No statues for them.

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