Standing Here

standing here full of tears i try to cry
but i cant i close my eyes
asi try to hide the bliding fear that lurks near
like an apple ready to fall off the tree
and fly with the leaves
with no place to hide
with no place to go
i really dont know
who i am and i'm not ready to show
i cant stand with pride
or keep my head held high
as i look in the mirror there i am
standing here full of tears
my heart says yes when my consensus says no
right now i am lost and i dont konw where to go
i am not a freak
a neard nor a geek
i'm just someone who wants to be loved
inside i'm dying
laying there wide awake as my heart
is being shreded apart
with my eyes full of dreadfulness
but the outside i run
runfrom my inside
hopping it wont spill out because no one likes a pout
on the outside i am a normal person who you thinks insideim loveable
crazy and hugable that is the outside me
the inside me is standing here full of tears

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