Standing There

Did you not see me standing there?
I came to you today and walked by your side.
I called out your name, but you did not reply.
My voice that once rumbled like thunder across the plains,
Is now but a soft whisper carried in the air.

You searched for me in the freshly plowed fields.
You searched for me among the rocks of the creek.
Did you not see me my child?.. standing there.
Look up my child, and hear what I say.

I am the mighty oak tree...that grows so tall,
I am the land that you walk upon so proud.
I am the sun that makes the grass turn green.
I am the air that gives you breath...but cannot be seen.

I am the moon that gives you light in the darkness.
I am the stars in the heavens...that cover you as you sleep.
I am here my child, I am the movement you see quickly vanish from sight.
I am the sound that you hear, that keeps you up late at night.

I am the drum you hear beating in your ear.
I am the clouds that rise high above, where eagle's dare fly,
I am what was, what is...and what will be once more.
I am the native spirit that lives within you forever more.

Show all men kindness and never be quick to judge.
For all things must pass for a better day to come.
I am what was, what is... and what will be once more.
Tell me my child...did you not see me standing there?

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