Standing Together

Some people believe that when there is a conflict,
We should stand and fight.
Even though we know that there is a better way to solve these quarrels,
We still continue to pursue what we know isn’t right.
Life will never be about just fighting.
It’s all about how you perceive the truth and how you put a great deal of effort into your own personal writing.

People are sacrificed each and everyday.
Just because we are corrupted to believe that there isn’t any other way.
Guns and war can be abstained,
So that the human population can continue to thrive where it has always remained.

Preventing conflicts may be hard to achieve.
But if there are just enough people who want change in this world,
Preventing conflicts will be easier than anyone has believed.

Someday, there will be nothing and no one to control,
The human race will come together and live as a whole.

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