If you ever questioned your worth remember this
You are not made from dirt you are not what people walk over
Or where animals defecate at you are not dust
That simply gets tossed around in a storm
You are the stardust that produced the winds, seas, and mountains
Who command the storms you are not one in a billion
You are one in a trillion God reached into the cosmos
Picked his favorite star and made you, you are
what fools gaze upon What wise men will never be able
to comprehend what dreamers dream about you provide hope to those
That no longer believe you are a blueprint of heaven
Concealed in this diagram of hell you can't fully see
What others see in you because you're looking from a far
So you appear to be just a dim light but if you get closer
Your 10 times the size of the sun people may call you weird
Not because you are not understandable just unexplainable
When the World make you feel small
Like you matter not and insignificant
Remember the most powerful nova can also be the smallest
Haters hating on you and this world
Never have stopped stressing you
Keep in mind the most dynamic stars are made
Under the worst conditions that can't be fathom
Unimaginable that is why the beauty it creates is unimaginable
You do not deserve this world and I do not either
We are created for the cosmos it's about time we act like it

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