Star-Crossed Lovers

Hearts moulded, connected at the soul
They struggle with power, passion beyond all control
Friends, family struggle, understanding the notion
What's going on, why they have such devotion

When destruction was clear, in early days
Clouded judgment, a mess, a maze
But alone they know the depth of connection
Only they feel the real passionate, unbridled connection
That leaves them in shivers, pure exhilaration from love
From appreciation for another soul
Whose touch feels like it was sent from above

To love in this fashion, these two know they are blessed
Although at times, things can surely, feel like a test
But when touched by the other, emotions ignite
And control is lost, within the moment, it must be right
These star-crossed lovers, not Romeo and Juliet
Have been connected by the soul since the day that they met

But unlike history, this love will succeed
For these hearts for the other alone will bleed
They will love forever, together as one
Until time has ended, and come undone.

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This Poems Story

I am a very passionate writer. I love poetry and I am also writing a book on self-development. My poem was inspired by my relationship and the amazing connection my partner and I have at soul level. I am a true believer in love, soul connections, and happy endings. "Life is love and love should be your life."