Star Wars

I will not be ambiguous about this ,I am ambitious .
I am big and have a big body frame well chiseled out
i have got the big muscles like "COMMANDO".
I am on steroids yes I have the nukes and by hook or crook i want to claim the position of a big brother.
I am high up the food chain and easily harass and feed off those at the bottom of the food chain.
Act/step out of line I in return will act out of character giving them a choke slam .
... landing on their bottom yes this offending bums must hit rock bottom.
I have the tools and know the tricks cause I am a sick tricker.
When am pissed off i am the ripper - Jack the ripper .
Tease them fleece them.

They came into our metropolis after allowing them to settle in ;now they are telling us they are the world police;the big brother turned big bully .
School we,bully ,and fool us
Shoo!!! shoo us and try to hush us after you've hurt us.
The saga has being going on for ages.
What's sadder is that with every strike they hit us harder perturbed so we frequently strike back like a puff adder that we are.
They tried to brainwash us with their quire cultures, religious and political ideologies -hog wash.
We stuck to our guns.
Unrelenting are they so they came with another tact using stooges whom we soon found out and smoked out.
Never giving up they then resorted to the use of a quantum of sanctions based on phantom theories. All in a bid to corner us we remain unfazed though.
Always trying our utmost best to give them a run for their money.
Give them a taste of their own medicine which is definitely not sweet like honey..

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