It was beautiful, whatever it was.
And for a few wonderful moments,
The world was pure and life was euphoric.
And I, I was the fortunate witness to it all,
To you, and all you're beauty.
Every pore, every eyelash,
and every crease of your magnificent canvas,
I fell in love with

It was brief, and we are told never to feel so soon,
But the heart does not abide by this,
For it is in the simplest of moments, in a flash of starlight,
Amidst wonder and chaos, witnessing something truly majestic,
that we fall in love

Like a brilliant flash, streaming across the sky,
the night was bright
And I, too far to grasp, too far to stop you,
could only gaze upon you
Reaching as only I knew I could,
Knowing that you were gone, before I could reach.
But still I reach, so that one day,
I might catch your starlight.

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