I've always wanted to go to the moon
to float around the planets
and to sit within the stars
but I've grown up
not to be an astronaut
but to be a writer
and sometimes it feels the same
it's like all the painters and actors
singers, dancers, and writers
we're all floating in our own space
when we're filling the air with our magic
and when we're filling the silence
with the rhythm of our hearts
we're out of this world
and no we're not sitting on the moon
but we are within the stars
we make them shine brighter
every second that we create
we make the galaxies
dance to the beat of our hearts
we make their stomachs fill with butterflies
every time they hear our voice on stage
we make every bit of outer space envious of us
we are the stars
they never could be

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This poem is about how I imagine outer space must feel when they see creators. Singers, dancers, writers, we're all creators who make the stars in the sky jealous of us. For more poems, check out my instagram @sweetsvpoetry!