Girls are born stars.
Balls of liquid light; hydrogen fusing in their cores,
Shining bright and radiating heat and happiness.
Girls are picked apart.
Cores exploding, expanding, and turning to dust.
Girls are put back together.
The nebula that they are, condensing again;
Reforming, refining, reshaping.
All girls are born stars;
Reduced to nebula and dust
By the world in which they live
And the people they surround themselves with.
But girls overcome the pain and the picking,
The orbiters that seek to observe and control.
Pulling their nebulas close, using their gravity,
They become stronger, better, brighter
For themselves
Stars orbit other stars because
It's better to be surrounded by stars
Who understand why you are
The way you are.
Stars orbit other stars because stars know
It's safer for a star to be in a cluster
Where it's harder for the dust,
The planets, comets, and asteroids
To destroy their shine

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