Stars and Skies

Of all the stars in the sky,
I am called to be her star.
All the galaxies envy our moments together.
Whispers and notions of us sail throughout
our atmosphere deep in its vast areas.
We find each others hearts
locked in the same stratosphere.
Timeless is her eyes that borrow my attention
for what seems to pour out light years of
endless words of love.
If you close your eyes, in a distance, you
can see the shapes and matters of our souls
intertwined together.
Look closely through space; through the milky way,
by the moon and stars, hear what they say!
They say I am hers and she is mine !
Planets surrounding us in orbit look in awe
at our love as if our love never existed before.
Such a love with history
late became devastating to hear its past
as only a mere minute in space and in time faded
so fast; like we were better off.
Yet in a fraction of time, our hearts shattered in pieces, but
we folded back into each others arms again;
we existed again.
As i drift off into the night time, I still remember her voice.
A voice as vibrant and beautiful as a tapestry of colors
marking their way across the clouds above.
There and only there is where I imagine every constellation,
every pattern, every part of her, every moment locked in time
of our friendship was her ... My night sky

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