Stars of my Childhood

My parents were always gone as a kid
Work during the day
Date nights in the evening
Leaving me with the sitter and my brother

My brother would always take the attention of the sitter
While I sat alone in my room
Until I went outside one night

I laid on the lounge chair
And looked up at the sky
And my mind was open

Billions of stars
Lighting the sky
Shining down on me

But they too were stuck
Trapped in space
Light years away from this world
But that didn’t stop me from wondering

I downloaded some star app
So while my brother stole the sitter
I stared at the sky
Phone in my hand

I could never memorize the constellations
They were just white dots in the sky
Nothing special
Just like me

So I went to school
And waited desperately for the night
Waiting for the stars
I thought it was because they were pretty
But I didn’t realize until I was older
That I felt trapped too
Even without anyone holding me back

I was trapped in loneliness
I hated school
Because my only friends were the stars
But they only came out at night
And left me in the morning

They left me like everyone else in my life
But at least they came back
Until I turned older
And now they are just something from long ago
They are just the stars from my childhood

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