Stars:The Beloved

Years later i looked up at the sky
And lo! I could see the stars shine
Even though we were taught it was fission and fusion
i still believed it was my loved ones.
I kept looking and staring one was shining ,shimmering
the most At once i knew it was my grandpa
set away from me , at the mere age of three
And without the epics and their morals
I was left in this worldly spree.
I looked for some more moments
the accompanying stars formed a heart
I realized the brightest one was just above me
Blessing me with power.
Felt like he knew.I was drifting away
from my dream and granted life .But to prove
I can be one I chose to further strive.
Taking the feeling of love i longed, I took upon my path
Moreover I learnt how important it is
To occassionaly look at the stars.

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