Starting Over

Out of the ashes of a dying livelihood,
necessity fans the smoldering fire
until, there, among the flickering embers
spring the tiny flames of hope and creativity.
Coaxing and encouraging the expiring coals,
slowly but surely the tiny flames,
catch and roar into life,
fed by the purpose driven fire of survival.

The sense of loss over the ending of one career
is quenched by the influx of ideas for another
more rewarding way of life, bringing new hope
where once there was despair.

Building a new life that will withstand the rigors
of competition takes careful construction and planning
so that it will stand the test of time and become a steady
strong fire that nothing can extinguish.

Focusing on the horizon, which stretches beyond our vision,
presents many possibilities and options in life, and is essential
to developing and keeping our dreams burning bright.

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