State of the Union

Fixed mindsets, present in all of our daily lives
The attempt try to fight it, futile and void
Society will always be divided when they treat humans like toys, That ultimately gets destroyed

Bombarded with the propaganda of a conflicted nation
Both Republicans and Democrats passing incoherent bills
Out of impatience? Or evading our ethical obligations?

Individualism runs rampant in the worst of ways
We have a president that with every tweet sets this
Once great country ablaze. Calling for a ceasefire
when he feeds the flames

Conservatives angry they can't put me in a box
Rather send me back to my “shithole country”
Through the fixation that deportation fixes this Afflicted nation; A statistic is what I am to the Dems
Fulfilling a role bent on hubristic traits. My being always up for a debate
Ignoring my individual characteristics and my right to choose by increasing abortion prices but not the booze!

This country is in peril and will fall soon to hate
When will people realize that all of our livelihoods are at stake?

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