Stay Alive

Fear is the anchor holding me captive at sea,
If only I could find the skeleton key and break free.
Maybe I should just accept this tragedy as my fate,
Just let the ship of wonders sink along with my self hate.

No, I won't let this defeat me!
This won't become just another dead sea.
I swim towards the sunlit rippled waters,
And I don't stop until I finally hear the snapping chains.

I am no longer prisoner to this attempt at self destruction,
I climb onto my ship and find written instructions.
It tells me to keep searching for my purpose in life,
Stop letting my thoughts cut through like a knife.

Suddenly my ship begins to float up into the golden sky,
I am soaring beside the birds that seem to say, "Stay alive."
With this new perspective life is beautiful,
And the wind blowing in my ears is almost musical.

So when everything seems to be going wrong,
Just remember the bad will never last very long.
Take your life and hold on tight,
Because in the end everything will be alright.

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