She made me free
but still in my premises,
she's really possessive made me
alone, commented she's jealous
even in my breathe
whenever I speak
she shouts...scolds
not me my listener
doesn't that the common cold.

Not much clean I’m
she’d forced me to be..
her presence presented fears.
The angriest woman I’ve
ever saw broke up with tears

Felt my half only breathe
felt harder than harder..

Ohh , there comes my fever
I coughI sneeze
even in the breeze
I began to shiver

pains she gifts, I was told
to return , she rejects
I was told to gift others
my girl’s gift..
I obeyed.....

faces still in masks
everyone asks
to stay home
where are the walls?
And the wars?
That kills hundreds
And now corona my girl
my pearl
kills tonnes of tonnes.

Where are the classes gone
she even caught the throne
racists races to home
castes comes to zone

No money bought
her calmness I thought

The sweetest revenge
entirely strange
and now the real animals locked up
ourselves with a banner stay home.

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