Stay Strong Poem.

Stay Strong Poem.
They use to call me the lost cost back in school always thinking I started shit and broke all the rules a line that split down the middle one side for the regular and another side for the different and unique I stood on one side all by myself not really giving a damn about other people always kept to myself so many times I was jumped by more than four people I never lifted my fist to fight back I knew I would beat these people with my brain power now looking forward at this present time I am sort of like a semi celebrity writing shit that shocks the world a drum talent that is about to unfold I think back at all the gossip that was told even the doctors said I would never have lived past seven years old people write about being shot by bullets I have been born with three holes in the heart a pain much worse I went for so many years with that evil hurting curse the effects of drugs from a drug attack mother thought I was going to grow to a cretin point then fall down I fought straight threw even through all the bull shit I was put through it's like a two person act we live life to the fullest some hide their real side I ask the question why maybe it's heart ache from the past maybe it's are minds telling us we can't really be strong or last maybe were afraid of our real self maybe we think people will sit there and laugh at our true self love is a big factor of life always wanting someone to love always wanting the best girl or guy so much pain has shattered this heart of mine I've been cheated on so many times it makes the eye's of my go blind from the water of tears but my strength has held me up and through hard times that's what makes the person in the wrong scared of hoping that the person they hurt will fall hard and never come back more strong no one in this world is perfect we all have been in the wrong never give yourself up always be true and strong this life we live goes by quick and might not last for that long!

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