Staying sane

Should i spiritually deal with today?
or are prospects the best way to play?
Speaking with gurus who preach and prey
transcendental meditation is what they proclaim
to clear my thoughts from the day,
i just couldn't do it, too much in the way.
But what a bunch of crap i tried to weigh.

my psychiatrist's couch i placidly laid
getting in touch with my inner feelings just may
give me a headache, and then they would say
"prescription drugs," what a brainless way.
through all their philosophies prepared on a tray,
what a bunch of shit as they kept me to stay,
ineffective efforts, still their pockets i payed.

then yoga i tried, deforming my frame
but i couldn't do it, how stupid were they?
twisting my body till i was in pain
just to clear my mind to feel better again?
all these things, they caused me to fray
i need to keep these people at bay.

— these preposterous attempts did not keep me sane.

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    This Poems Story

    This is all tongue in cheek. To make fun of the ways many people deal with mental and physical health. Whatever works for them, if it helps, it\'s all good.