God taught us how to fish
So we can catch our own fish.
We can't achieve something
If we haven't started anything.

God will guide you all the way
If you do the process diligently.
And with a real sense of urgency
Call Him every step of the way.

If it seems that there's no way
Don't worry, God will make a way.
For as long as you find time to pray
Your folks and friends will be happy.

It may be difficult to find a solution
To the biggest problem of the nation.
But if you need people's cooperation
Call the Lady who is a "man of action."

Wanting to learn about the nitty gritty?
Don't be shy 'coz her people are witty
Even the bright fellows of agriculture
They can teach you details to the core.

Don't tell lies anymore and be humble
Claiming you had a degree in school
Should admit that you had us fooled
Made us believe lies we've been told.

From hereon, promise us your people
Our children's future you won't gamble
Make our lives happy and comfortable
Steal and lie no more, you'd be lovable!

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This Poems Story

This is the story of the son of a former dictator who won in the elections. He has no moral ascendancy to lead the country because he didn\'t pay his taxes and he was found guilty of a few crimes. However, he was still voted to the post since he is very rich and has so much influence. Citizens can\'t do anything but just keep on reminding him of his unacceptable past and urging him to do good during his term.