Steering the Wheel

Peddling in the stray direction,
wondering who made the map.
A constellation of ambition,
an oddity of fate or a trap.

Two cents of hope on the dashboard,
skim through the grounds on a test drive.
Finding fireflies on the long ride,
rewrite the levels of uncertainty and thrive.

Tonight I am lurking in the back seat,
to resist the inertia in my bones and uncover.
Sing to myself in the quiet,
turn on the rear lights for an unsettled maneuver.

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This Poems Story

Writing this poem at night while it was quiet, I experienced an unreal state of euphoria and an unreal feeling of satiety. This poem represents a few of my dilemmas and the state of thoughts that I was going through, most prominently confusion, uncertainty and thrill. This was an escape to the let out the anxieties and distressed of my mind. While the poem talks or suggests of a journey that I\'m taking, it\'s essentially a metaphor for choosing a path in life or making a choice. It signifies the feelings that one goes through while undertaking a new path or an opportunity.