I think it's like he feels at home,Inside his head,when he's alone
Selfishly alone at last, His mind,it just seems way to vast
Untold future,an unknown past,Derailed the train,so he walks the path
Forcing a smile & forcing a laugh,I guess he just got sick of that
Forgotten memories,In concealed cracks
Life you see,it has no track,& from some things you don't bounce back
Left confused, with how to act,Emotionless,a heart turned black
Why is he like that, they ask,Engraved it is, upon the flask
Silenced facts,a secret fiction,Classified,with no description
While dosing-over,he made a pact,To changed the world,if he came back
So a wish was granted,among friends,Who would not let this be his end
A cherished silence,would begin,A helping hand,he would now lend
And upon his lips,he wrote a verse
No longer the world,would this man curse
By now I hope you understand,It's hard to live a life so bland
Colorless, but left in tact,A whole new spectrum
And that was that...

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