Step Back

I'm certain a lot of people
can relate to what I'm about to lay down
It's having that one cool relative
you attach yourself to whenever they come around
Well let me tell you a thing or two
about my auntie Ms. Mil
(Short for Mildred by the way)
First thing about her, she's good-looking for real
The next thing I feel I should say
she's got a smart, sharp mind and she don't play

But the best thing I like about her
this is a natural fact
She lets you know exactly what she means
she ain't no 'fraidy cat

She's got a hmmmm way about her
she's got class and style
She's got a down-to-earth demeanor
a take-your-breath-away smile

But the best thing I like about her
is that she's soooo fearless
Come at her the wrong way
she will clean up your mess

Her mantra is echoed in a jazz song I heard
but with a little twist to it in her own words
She says:
Before you get all up in her face
saying, c'mon lets do it
You better step back
before you step into it

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