Step Forward

Chains locked tight I sit by
Smiling to all those who pass
Have a problem here’s my two cents
Take the answer without a thanks
I sit in the dark with my mask
My mask I wore to be stronger
My mask I wore as a symbol of trust
My mask I wore to show you could bring pain to me
That’s what I hear through these walls
The Walls have ears
And it’s shouting at me lies lies lies
Now I wear it because I have too
Now I wear it because I’m not important
Now I wear it because I must be perfect
I cower down in this room but no one sees
I silently scream for help but they cover their ears
I wave my arms in hopes that someone will look
But you all turned the other cheek
Pretended you didn’t see
To those that barely heard you had nothing to offer
Just nodded and walked on by
So I sat in the dark with my mask
Giving my two cents because I had to put myself aside
Left alone for years
No one bothered to clean the room
No one saw past the mask I faked
No one cleaned the wounds these chains left
But others felt better after they walked by
While they told my walls lies to pass
Till one day I couldn’t take those lies anymore
And the people that passed by threw stones
Because my words weren’t there for them
That day two people came
Sat down and asked if I was okay
I’m fine go away I’m not worth the time
I tried to push to move
What are you doing the walls said you didn’t care
They reached for the chains and ripped them off
Stop what are you doing
You’re not supposed to do this
They reached for the mask
Stop you don’t know what’s under here
You don’t want to deal with this
It’s dark in here You’ll see it you'll run
With silence between they ripped the mask off
The darkness that was held inside could spread
They looked down and saw I was far far gone down
They jumped into the dark head first
Why? Why are you doing this?
You matter
You care
You did this for me I’m doing it for you
Your amazing you can lean on me you know
You jumped headfirst into this darkness
It may not be chaotic
It may not be as bad as others
But this darkness I have lived in
Gotten lost in for years
You jumped headfirst to help
You said I’m worth it
For once I feel I’m not falling
But I’m not out of the dark yet
But at least it helps to know
That at least I’m not in here alone
That for once
Someone saw the mask and told me to never do that again

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