Step Inside…

Step inside step inside my mind
Buckle up tight for this fucked up ride
Up and down those twisting turns
Here we go time to learn
How it all began, this life of mine
It starts with a hellish burst
The day it was May twenty first
The year you ask, what could it be, it starts with one and ends in three
Like a blast from a gun, we rocket into that first turn
So here it is I'm gonna lay it out
I'm tired of this shit without a doubt
THE GOOD OLE BOYS, they run this place
Not just here, but time, and space
If you think your free think again
You are only Worth what you Spend
Watch the news and then you will see
Exactly what they want you to believe
Here we go, hold on now
Its turn Two, can't slow down
I believe in KARMA how bout you
I live my life by the " GOLDEN RULE"
What pisses me off is the fuckers who don't
They must think KARMA will skip them.... It won't!
OK, so tell me now,do you believe
Do you see the curve up ahead, that's turn Three
Open your eyes for once in your life so you can see
Listen to these words I'm about to speak
Don't get lost in all that is cheap
Because the price you pay can be unimaginably steep
I really could care less what you think of my words
You might think I'm fucking absurd
Or maybe just a little perturbed
I'd say you were right
I think your beginning to see the light
I told you at the start to buckle up tight
Let's go head to head, are you ready to fight?
I'll give you the chance to walk away
But if you don't and you decide to stay
Then be prepared to lie in your grave
Here it comes, just one more the one you were waiting for
That's right its turn Four
I'm gonna end this bit
With one more thought no bullshit
Fuck the assholes who speak with guns
Fuck the assholes who speak with bombs
Come to me with all your lies
I dare your Punk Ass to "STEP INSIDE"

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