Step Into My Mind

Lost in a raging sea of thoughts,
Heavy, reclusive, stomach tied in knots.
Struggling to keep everything afloat.
My heart is in disarray.
My head, begins to sway.
Breathing, gets harder everyday.
No clue what to do.
I'm lost, can't help but to stray.
Im stuck, no way to escape.
I try, but I'm unable to steer straight.
Can't articulate.
Can't communicate.
Shying away.
I try to speak out.
Can no one hear me?
They all are running away.
I try once more.
Reach out.
Heavy, intense feeling.
My soul, lost.
My mind, is now controlled by the darkness.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about someone who suffers mental illnesses. Fights everyday to be Mr. Hyde, but in the end, Dr. Jekyll always wins.