Step into my shoes

Step Into My “Shoes”
Life through the ocean’s eyes; a cycle

The weight gathers, I struggle to breathe
Mother said that if you struggle to breathe just close your eyes and listen
Listen to the sounds of the animals within
And feel the embrace and the gratitude
From the beauty of nature that lies beneath my surface
Each year the weight grows heavier
Somehow with all these species that roam among my surface,
Below my surface all around
I don't feel their weight
But this weight is new, it is so new it is almost strange
Never have I been so helpless
Never have I had to fight this hard
But good always wins right? That's what mother says
Who would do such a thing, as to apply this pressure upon my surface
Who would do such a thing, as to heat up my mothers very own heart like an oven
Who would do such a thing, and put shards and pounds and tons of this sickening, wasteful, must
Something they call plastic.
I don't feel fantastic anymore.
I feel old, having to support the weight of 8 million metric tons each new year
Having to induce this littering, this trashing of my insides
Not to mention it’s killing me but killing my family
More microplastic stuck inside then there are stars in the milky they hide
Their own self-guilt from being thrown, being tossed away at sea
Within me
This is not a threat this is me breathing my last breathes
More than any time in their history never have I felt so ruined
So torn apart
The plastic seems to grow every half second I feel each new amount of it
Piling on top of each other the size of a state
My fate is likely sealed they say that in only five years one ton of your trash
Your sick plastic
Will be in place for every three tons of fish
Fish you kill and eat little to know that you are eating what you threw away
It feeds what it should not be feeding
It tears apart love and families and my soul is being torn away
I do not want to be a useless source of something that will no longer be nature
Something that will no longer be a just pretty view
Something that will haunt you forever
Mother says just close your eyes and listen
But how can I listen when there are countless roars of my sea life dying within
Or the sounds of oil factories
Or the sounds of our mother crying out for help
To remember the animals that were once here, and not extinct is one thing
But to be aware of why they are extinct is another.
Just like how soon I will be a lifeless, pot, of must, dirt, and sweaty water.
Pretty gross right?
Well, who's causing this in the first place?

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