Step Into the Light

I've lived with no regrets
I've survived so many tests
I've been up, I've been down
Hell, I've even been slammed to the ground
There is so many people out there that have lost thier way
Try to get by on anything that will take the internal pain away
It's survival of the fittest out there you know
Sons of Bitches trying to steal everything you own
Let's stand together to become mighty and tall
Together we can tear down any wall
Let em build em up
We'll tear em down
Together I tell you we'll turn it around
We will flip it upside down
Once it's flipped we'll keep it that way
No more hate, no more racism, it's the dawn of a new day
And to those who try to stop us out there
We'll smash a few and watch the rest run scared
Watch em run like rats from a flood
Because they will see what we've become when we stand as ONE.
Now hear my words and put them in motion
For once in your life show some devotion
Devotion to what you know is right
Let's step out of the darkness and "Step Into the Light".

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This Poems Story

Just a poem about how I feel most of the time.