And all that I'm asking for is comfort from the storm
Because I can't seem to hold my head and this bed just isn't warm
And all that I need for you is to let go of my past
Because it seems my life is changing and its happening much too fast
And all that I want is a chance to do these love filled chores
Because I've come to the conclusion that someone's keeping score
And all that I hope for is a road to lead me home
Because lately I don't think that I can face this world alone
And all that I need is just to have my second chance
Because it seems my favorite song is on but I can't seem to dance
And all that I wish for is to be grateful once again
Because the only time I feel okay is with my paper and my pen
And the only thing I think of is just to see you smile again
Because the time we spent together felt like flying through heaven
And now all that I can do is hit my knees and pray
Because I've done all that I can do and I've said all I can say
And if you could take what's left of me you'd make my life complete
Because if your loves an ocean I would build myself a fleet
And if you chose to turn around I wouldn't have it any other way
Because my life feels like an hour glass when it's sand slipped away
And I know that this sounds funny but I swear to you it's true
Because I feel my whole world tremble anytime I think of you
And we could face this world together walking hand in hand
Because nothing really means a thing if I can't be your man
And when I lay my head to rest I kiss this whole world goodnight
Because I know you're in it somewhere and it makes me feel all right
And as I drift into my dreams I'll see your silhouette
Because the way you made me feel I never will forget - z15

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