The dictionary states that she is
"the wife of one's father who is
distinct from one's natural or legal mother."

A stepmother is habitually looked at as:
the one that is considered to be evil,
the individual categorized as the blame
for many things in the family,
the family member considered as
"the extra source of income for me,"
the member that gets gossiped about the most,
the "one who is trying to replace me in my child's life."

She is none of those things,
she is actually: one-fourth of the family,
the one who has unconditional love
for a child she did not birth,
the one family member that holds
back tears and hurt feelings but
constantly remains strong to the outside world,
the one that makes purchases for the child without
the request of anyone but simply because she cares,
and lastly the member that is
actually not trying to replace anyone
but simply trying to assist in
the best way she can and forever
attempting to fit into the family
like a child that's brand new to a school.

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