Stepping through life

From zero until 18,she stood by our side,to guide and teach us all about pride. After many lessons,it finally stuck in and then the process of life set in. Love yourselves and others too,and remember Christ said he'll help you through. From 18 until our 20's you loosened your grip,and allowed us to get out,I know it was a trip. Your girls are older and growing up now,your guidance and love helped show us how. We had a few bruises and bumps along the way,but in our minds it's was just another day. Pick yourselves up is what you'd say,to keep us encouraged to complete our day. Our task may seem hard but our strengths are much stronger,so do all you can and nothing can harm us. Now we're passed our 30's and see through your eyes,the wonder and magic that's right at our sides. Nothing's too great that we can't achieve,just give it our prayers and then just believe. We can do all things through Christ,who strengthens us,and if you don't believe that,everything's a bust. Now we're in our 40's almost midway there,with hopes and dreams,we'll soon make it there. Reflecting on our lives and how we made it here,by the grace of God and our mother's love,we had nothing to fear. We love you mom for all that you've done by giving all your love to your little loved ones.

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