By Alexis   

The lashes on my back are starting to get deep
Every step rips another layer of me
My knees....
They are starting to get weak.
The love that I harbor is the anchor to my body
It keeps me in place and still.
I'm full.. like a cup of water, starting to over spill.
I flinch as another step crushes into my back
It hurts being a step stool just to help others out of life what they lack.
My mother raised me that way though, to Love one another and give back...
But it's not too many people that were raised on those beliefs, because after using me as a step.. They never look back...
I don't know how to be like that.
To advance off someone else, and not think about what that person went through to help them get there.
It seems like they don't even care.
To see their struggles and act like it's a mirage
To smile, offer kind words and scamper off. Getting out of dodge..
Only to leave that step spiritual satisfied AND
Physically, emotionally and mentally broken..
I guess that's the token for doing the good deeds of the Higher Power
To help one another and love one another until your well runs dry at 100 miles per hour
Its a lesson learned that builds your brain power.
A lesson that will never let anyone else destroy and devour.
To look out for you because it's not too many that would do that for you.
To learn to say no and stop letting people use you.
Who ever said it's not okay to just.. say no?
To live freely and let all your inhibitions go..
To focus on family and Self for a change and not feel guilty for doing so..
I think..
It's time for me to get off this floor.
I'm not being anyone's step stool.. any mo..

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