Stereotypes are things we hear everyday
Many don't realize that we can hurt with things we say
With stereotypes we put a group in a box
And they cant be more out of the park than the red sox
We attach those stereotypes as if they were stapled
Here's a few that I hear for example
Pregnant teens can't go to college
Because a child will stop their knowledge
A girls basketball career will be cut short
Because unlike guys girls aren't as good when it comes to sports
Many say Jewish people have all the cash
And all Asians are good at math
Some may be funny and some may not
But many people wish they would just stop
They limit a person to all we think they can accomplish
And in the world it can cause a lot of conflict
Some may say being mad at words is crazy
But lets not forget stereotypes are what justified slavery
Stereotypes can get out of hand and many had to suffer for it
luckily there were people to help like Frederick Douglass
To say stereotypes are bad is an understatement
so instead of using them I have a better replacement
We are all different heights,colors,sizes,and genders
So we should be treated as individuals not as group members.

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