Stereotypical pseudonym

This story is based on reality and depicts the personal experiences. it has nothing to do with the fictitious incident. and we are not willing to hurt anyone's emotions.
ये कहाणी एक सच्ची घटना और व्यक्तिगत अनुभव पर आधारित है. इसका संबंध किसीभी काल्पनिक घटना से नही है. और हमारा उद्देश कीसी भी व्यक्ती की की भावनाओ को ठेच पहुचाणा नहि है.

So, dear people, here are a few definitions which might help you to understand that being a human has nothing to do with a cross behaviour because what human manning up is all about kindness, compassion and candour.
but what you people are doing is making yourselves busy in trying to concentrate on my movements, my gesticulations, my accent, my dress sense. My laughter, my informal language and my volatile behaviour.

So here are a few definitions which might help you.
it's a noun and a verb and pronounced as (steh-ree-ow-taip)
Which means a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
for instance, should not use informal words like fuck because it's an abusive word.
2.being a man you are never supposed to cry nor do makeup because you are not a girl.
3.being a man you are not supposed to weàr short clothes because your body is not so beautiful the way girls'
4.being a man you are always supposed to look a macho and hunk who has a thick moustache and beard because without that you can't be the man who is pure.
5." hair" is the emblem of being a real man, so you can not do waxing. because without hair, you are not a real man.
6.a man never gets hurt, that's why you are always supposed to be strong enough, aggressive and dominant. But my question is if you people are hellbent on these things, and only this type of person is a real man, then how come you can call urself a gentleman.?

And you want me to fit myself into this stereotypical box and if I don't.
then I am the worst scandal who is gripped by fatality and later on tagged as gay or bisexual by the stigmatized disparity.
And that brings me to the next definition.

it's a noun and an adjective pronounced as(kuhm·fuh·tuh·bl)
And It defines (of a person) physically relaxed and free from constraint. Or (especially of clothes ) providing physical ease and relaxation.
That means in whatever, whichever or whomever I'm comfortable with I behave like real me, I strive to be who I m
And yeah, I m sapiosexual, intelligence turns me on. and your uneducated behaviour puts me off.
Yes, I love having a conversation with matures, rather than such a mundane conversation with you stupified determiners.

So here are a few definitions which might help you.
Sexuality:- its a noun and pronounced as
It defines a person's sexual orientation or preference.
So it means it's literally related to intimacy or someone's personal space that means it has nothing do with someone's behaviour.

And that shifts my mind to the next definition
Lesson:-its a noun and a verb and pronounced as ( and it defines a thing learnt or to be learnt and to instruct or teach (someone).
So now, get this lesson tattoed in permanent ink that a word 'fuck' has its literal meaning but the way it's used just to vent out your anger.
Also, A guy can do makeup and wax too
He can even wear briefs, shorts and be slim too
He can even look a gentleman without moustache or beard too.
He can even start weeping and being clingy too
He can even go for pink, red or any other colour too.
It has nothing do with his sexuality, His sexuality can't be determined by his behaviour.

So dear objectifiers, what you really need to do is change the way you think because it's neither cool nor stylish just the way you do. So, before I leave I firmly believe that you wouldn't even know my sexuality, my sexuality is every boy who decides for himself. who you can't objectify based on your stigma, which encroaches someone's liberty of choice and for you it's only a part of the so-called drama.

So dear people, we are living in a digitalized economy, we are living in a fast forward march,2020
And your prejudices are still of 1920.we are still asking you to change your rationality,
Because we are still surmised under scrutiny,
It is no less than a mutiny that 100years forward or 100years behind. we are asking you to look at a person as humankind.
Because every man has a woman inside
And every woman has a man inside.
And you really really need to keep this thing in your mind.

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