A time ago, I had a pet rock name Still
and one day Still and I made a deal.
The deal was that I go to work and Still cleans the house,
but when I got home it was quiet as a mouse.
I looked left, I looked right and I looked up and down
and there was my rock.
Still is where I left him by my left sock.
I asked him why he didn't clean.
He said nothing and his face was mean.
I left the next day with the deal still the same.
Again I came home with my rock to blame.
"What a mess!" I say with a stern voice.
I looked at Still and said, "You have a choice!
You tell me why you broke our deal or I will throw you out!
I told you once and I tell you again,
you better have this house clean before the clock strikes ten!"
I opened the door with a look of dread on my face.
I just wonder if each thing is in it's place.
To my surprise, my house was without a spot.
I went to find my rock to thank him a lot.
I wanted to tell him my house is neat.
But all I could find was a note at my feet.
The note read, "Thanks for letting me stay.
Maybe one day I will come back to play.
Sorry it took so long to clean.
I had to get a maid. I had to wait till Friday when you got paid.
The bill is on the table for you to see.
I hope it's not to much the house was very dirty!
P.S. I never made a deal. I am a rock. Signed your pet, Still."

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