Still a Tomorrow

There is something mystical
In the way the trees bend
Just to kiss one another,
With a smooth brush of their swaying bodies.
There is something spectacular in the way
The stars gaze into the earths oceans,
Just to see themselves from our perspective.
There is something remarkable in the way,
The sun and the clouds aline to make a smiling face,
Lighting up the dark delirium of the world.
There is something ironic in the way
The sky seems to bend to the will of the earth.
There is something about the way,
The snow falls and piles upon its self to burry
The world in white.
There is something horrendous
In the way mountains crumble ,
And something eerie in the way they build themselves up.
There is something unnerving about this planet.
There is something to its beauty,
That makes in uncanny.
But that is an ongoing mystery,
For the world to discover,
In the far future ,
When the human race
Has long been defeated.
Live it out now,
While you know theres still a tomorrow.

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