Still Dream

By S.R.N   

Emotion indescribable as and intense feeling of life races in,
my eyes ever transformed and held, unable to be let go.
I am paralyzed from the beauty, the life.

Waves gushing in with such urgency to reach the shore,
just to catapult back out with its newfound energy.
A spray of salty life from the water,
touches the flight from the wind.
It lands on my face and mists the world.

Sea gulls in flight clamor for their freedom.
they feel alive the higher they are,
and I stand jealous.
Warmth of comfort descends from the yellow sphere in the sky.
The rays of the sun adding the intensity of emotion.

I am held and fixed with no motion.
My ears thundering from the stillness and beauty of the life.
My heart pounding with the rhythm of every noise.
Planted strong are the feet holding me up on the embankment.
Burning are the eyes trying to hold every sight of this dream in.

For a moment life is nothing but a distant memory.
This was a still dream, but so real.
I held every bit of it the best my transfixed mind could.

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Key Words : personal poetry, life, nature

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This Poems Story

I wrote about the indescribable feeling and emotions I feel every time I am the lake. It gives such happiness and hold such life. I could be transfixed there forever. It is where I find strength for my everyday life.