Still Fronting!

This world had bettah truly awaken
forsake all worldliness to gain momentum in hope
Did it not learn from the many examples some are reading from the book?
to answer truthfully the correct reply will Be nope.
You see,Mankind would love nothing more
than to do as they please in wrong until their short end
But time was and will remain for now Our teacher
and when Jah recalls it let's pray that We All have made true amends.
as of today the majority loves its fairy-tales
Yes,all the pastimes,idol worshiping and earthliness
Not anyone down on this tiny earth should have doubts
that to Become an enemy of Jah that many will surely not Be blessed.
O Jah,may You have and show Your mercy
for once again Your creatures have chosen satan and strayed
as in the past the harvest is bountiful and plenteous
But the halfhearted workers have only slept,slumbered and played.
World,You best Be sincere
when asking the Lord to forgive for All these wrongs
for when speaking repentance and not abandoning all the sins
Believe We,when the cleansing starts many great pains will Be prolonged.
In this moment in time,Heaven will Be reached by a true and hard hit home-run
so there's no need for any half-truths to come bunting
All true Warriors We must Be heedful of Jah's call to righteousness
or remain trapped in the past with heathens and hypocrites who up till this day are only Still Fronting! Amen

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