Still in Love

I can't believe it's over. I can't believe we're through.
All the things I've said and done, I did it just for you.
I remember our first kiss, laying in the summer rain.
It was from there on that I knew nothing would be the same.
The taste of your lips, the feel of your skin, takes my breath away.
Saying goodbye is one word I have always dreaded to say.
When you said goodbye it left me broken, battered, and bruised.
I'll never forget the love we shared
Even though my heart is torn in two.
Never thinking of the consequences, I just did what I wanted to do.
Now I wish I could take it back, because all I want is you.
It's too late for me to ask for one more chance.
I threw them all away.
But if I did get one more chance with you I promise
We would never go astray.
I wish I could have told you how much you really meant to me.
But now you're far away, further than my eyes can see.
I think about you everyday, wishing I could have made you stay.
But now you're gone, living your life, living it the perfect way.
I see now that what I have lost, I will never ever get back.
But I have to stay strong, be positive, keeping my life on track.
I will wait for you forever, even if you say it isn't true.
I just have three more words for you, and those are: I love you.

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