Still In My Daze

Never given a chance
To ease my mind from it all
I have to deal with the circumstance
I'm Young, but they want me to be old
They don't want me to gain happiness
They want me to sell my soul
I'm Confined by desks and standardized tests
Approached by males on sexual conquests
Surrounded by females that lack self-worth
They don't want respect
They wish to be treated like dirt

Restoring the life of a broken child
Looking for days I can relax and smile
Searching for success beyond the average man
Doing what it takes because I know that I can
Write lyrics and reach stars, I have to catch the dream
Because I caught a glimpse of reality
& nothing is what it seems
I'm stuck in this daze and I want to come out
I'm ready to see what my life can bring about
Fall in love with no worries or doubts
Take life's journey using my own route
Just a young woman going through a crazy phase
Wanna be known for my conscious & crazy ways
Life is such a challenge, similar to a maze
& Once I figure it out....
I'll be up out of my daze

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