Still Loving You

You see me there and you walk right past.
Tears streaming down my face as I run home fast.
You know that I am hurt and you just don’t care.
The wind is flying through my hair.

The pain you caused cannot be ignored.
It felt like you had thrown me overboard.
What happened to it always being you and me?
I sit quietly sobbing under the sturdy oak tree.

I close my eyes and start to unwind.
The thoughts of you flood into my mind.
You filled my heart and then broke it to pieces.
The pain you caused never decreases.

I laugh at myself as I start to say,
“I will love somebody new someday”.
But they always say you never truly stop loving a person.
As years pass the pain does not worsen.

Then I see you with her and I know what they said is true.
I will never stop loving you.

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