Still Me

A part of me
has fallen,
a drop
that dripped
as a tear
In the shadows
forever gone.
Though, I am
still me,
I live on,
as does the dawn.
For each day,
will take away
another part
of this, that I am,
with change
conquers fear.
I see more
in memories made,
life is found
to a place, a face,
never seen before.
So let it be,
time shall tell,
let all come and go.
Shed skin,
release the old,
set free the past.
Don't be afraid,
never say goodbye,
for when I die,
It will be I,
always to remain,
still me.
though unseen,
to catch any parts
that fall down
a drop
that drips
as a tear
in the shade
to see
that I am
not gone
In memory
within you,
still me...

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