Still Remains

I've been believing and she's been sleeping.
I've been loving and she's been leaving.
Leaving me here alone in the deep.
She thinks I rest when she leaves me to sink.

She tears everything apart thinking she leaves me well.
Speaking sweet, she tells me where and then drags me there.
She drags me where I'll see all she's gotten over.
I need to know what she thinks.
I need to know when she's not just a lover.

She looks into my eyes and says the lies.
In my ears, it sounds like gypsy goodbyes.
She loves to play with endless teases.
Does it still sting with me in the tempting seasons?
She gives me the excuse to give it all away for selfish reasons.

It's a heart broken thing to see when we gather for her wake.
We sing again about the melody that she used to make.
If she leaves before my time then she'll ask if she can come again.
And if she can then we'll see if I can live.
She doesn't notice me unless I have something to say.
But it doesn't matter I'll hold her hand anyway.
No matter what I do that part of her still remains.

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