Still Waters

By dawn you have vanished
A whisper of what was, entices my longing for you
You have thrown your stone of discontent
into the still waters of my heart in which the
depths of my love for you are endless

The impact violently rips through the calm.
Sending ripples of pain which turn to crashing waves,
slamming into the shores of my mind.
I'm drowning in the waters, kicking and thrashing,
calling out to you, but you simply turn away.

As all my desperate attempts fail in vain...
I start to sink.
I drift slowly, down, down, down.
As I shut down I look to the surface,
where the reflection of our life is all I can see.
I reach for you as I continue to sink.

My vision now grows blurry, but still your radiance
keeps m hope flickering like a dying light.
I can still hear your words that echo pain through
the sea of our love...
As if there was a glimpse, I part my lips,
into the final I love you.
As the still waters flood into my bursting lungs

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