They call me "Stix"

Maybe because-a the Way I wear my hair, Or because-a the way My studs click when I Walk, and the way I Hunch my shoulders And pops my collar Whenever I talk about The streets/

Or maybe it's Because-a the way I Sing or move Mountains and fill Sunny Brooks/

Or maybe it's even Because-a my looks/
My brown eyes/
My wide nostrils/
Black freckles and full Lips/

Maybe it's because-a My kicks and my two-Piece 'fits/
My summer gear/
My winter wear and My turtle-necks/

Or maybe it's Because-a the way I Dance/
My Boo-Ga-Loo, my Robot and my Apple-Hats/
Or because-a the way I feel after reading One of Nikki's poems/

They call me "Stix"

Maybe because-a the Way I take back to Childhood memories At the drop of a hat/
Like those of my Brother Don's orange And black "Mack Attack" high school Varsity football jacket I always felt that I Was never worthy Enough to wear/

Or like those of "Teen Night" and Bushrod Park, and when it was Cool to throw house Parties or to shut Down whole city Blocks...

...Just me/
A couple stacks-a Those 45 and LP hits/
Momma's 8-track tape Player/
My childhood Sweetheart and very First Love/
And a handfull of my Long gone but never To be forgotten Friends/

They call me "Stix"

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This Poems Story

I reflect on my past a lot, especially during my early stages of teen life. I miss those times, more than any. This poem was written out of respect and appreciation for those times, moments and life experiences.