Wondrous felonies fill the damp wood
Burnt roses, green sunlight, purple wolves?
White and purple howls towards the sun
The sun? I think, where has it gone?

I must run, but I am unable to
Feel my feet on the plush green carpet
Feet like stone, they break free
I'm flying - racing a red robin
To a red Raven, a friend, who waits

The black coach in front of us is a car
The foot man holds open the door but we don't get in
Purple races through the claws of trees
"Get in" I say "They're coming" - I hide behind black then
I realize that I am not afraid. Everything's silver now
Instead of yellow: the moon's like a globe in the sky

The wolves are lions in their might,
But deer in the way they stop and tilt their heads
I'm curious as I reach out to touch the silver sheen of fur
It bristles - wait, no - it's smooth and soft. This isn't fur
It's skin, like caramel. What happened to the majestic wolf?

I look up and meet purple eyes with my own
Purple eyes, eyes like a wolf's
Purple eyes, the eyes of a wolf - Stolen and given to a man

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