Stolen Innocence

By DMAC   

Flares light up the dark
Like a bonfire a glow
A devastating tragedy
Claims an innocent soul
A brief moment of weakness
Is now radiant and bright
And a cause becomes apparent
On this life changing night
Screams travel for miles
Bringing echos of grief
Another life has been stolen
By an inebriated thief
One reckless decision
Makes him forced to endure
The rest of his days
Knowing he murdered this girl
Incarceration is a promise
And his sobriety a given
With a future that consists
Of a bus ride to prison
Handed the verdict of life
With a punishment to survive
He will forever be haunted
By his decision to drive

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This Poems Story

This poem is just my take on the horrible things I have read about and seen in the news. The opposite side of someones moment of weakness not to feel sorry for but so others can maybe relate and not judge so harshly. If they can think for one minute this could have been me or feel lucky if or when they chose to do the wrong thing that nothing bad happened.